Roimen Lelya

roimen_3With his excitement and curiosity about lions, rapid learning skills and resourcefulness, Roimen rapidly advanced from Lion Scout, to coordinator to now our person in charge of lion reports and lion conflict events. In his young warrior-hood he set his spear in a couple of lions, but during his work with us he has helped save many more.

The magnificent male Puyol, a lion Roimen helped collar in 2013 and that turned Roimen from a lion hunter to a lion protector, was Roimen’s #1 lion. Roimen kept close guard on Puyol while he slowly died of unknown cause in 2014 – a big loss to us all. Now hairy bellied Kalamas is his lion favourite. Roimen is catching up on the art of lion identification, and now helps out on the regular monitoring rounds of the Crater and the Ndutu lions. The latest highlight for Roimen was when he took lead on deploying a GPS collar on Nosikitok – a lioness that Roimen knows since she was a little cub, and that recently got a troublesome taste for cows.

Lion Monitoring & Conservation Officer