Lazaro Oletekero

Lazaro with his new Lundhag's back pack. Thank´s Lundhag´s!
Lazaro with his new Lundhag's back pack. Thank´s Lundhag´s!

Lazaro, our Lion Scout of Misigiyo, that beautiful highland area on way to Endulen. If you are training for a marathon, join Lazaro on his searching treks for lions. Lazaro has collected some excellent shots of lions and other rarely spotted critters from camera traps placed on top of mountains or in deep valleys. And since we collared Museum, this “village-lion” keeps Lazaro busy on many days. Equipped with tracking antenna and Museum’s latest GPS position, Lazaro hikes out to the location and hangs around there for the day, warning any passing herders of the potential cow-thief hiding in the bushes.

Lion Scout
Area: Misigio ward

Ndolok Kilitia

Ndolok was our first Nyangulu that we hired, the age-set that is now replacing the retiring Korianga from their 15 years of service as warriors. Ndolok serves as a lion scout in Oldonyo Gol, our most distant and different area of operation. This is a vast area, by the chain of hills that breaks up the “endless” short-grass plains of Serengeti. Here traditions hold strong, and young warriors are still eager to go on ritual hunts. Being such a large place that also crosses into other protected areas, Ndolok’s main instrument is his good network with his peers – hearing about planned hunts, or else of hunts that happened. Apart from keeping his ears to the ground, Ndolok surveys depredation events, visiting sites of attacks by baboons, hyenas, jackals and cheetah on his neighbours’ livestock. And he is always on the ready to help treat the wounds of attacked and “only” injured livestock. Ndolok has really grown into his position, and despite his large task he is gaining ground with his age-mates and his community to rather spare than spear the lions.

Lion Scout
Area: Oldonyo Gol

Masey Kayanda

maseyAfter a bout of lion killings on the border between Serengeti and Ngorongoro in 2014, we approached the nearby Oldonyo Gol community for collaboration to help prevent further such killing. It resulted in us hiring Masey, who, not without suspicion, took on the duties of a Lion Scout. He soon became a fully committed lion ambassador – another warrior lion Puyol brought over to “the other side”.

In the wet season Masey stays in his permanent home in Oldonyo gol, a place where traditions hold strong and ritual lion hunts still occasionally take place. Here his main duty is to reach out to his peer group and prevent such hunts. Masey’s dry season station is by his temporary home in upper Olduvai; a place full of wildlife, people, livestock and lion conflicts. Here Masey spends his days tracking lions, warning herders, preventing lion-livestock and people-lion attacks, recording depredation events and treating wounded livestock. His favourite lion is Katavi, the father of Nayomi and Nadine’s cubs, for his skills and whit to protect his pride during Ndutu’s harsh dry season.

Lion scout
Area dry season: Ndutu region
Area wet season: Oldonyo Gol

Kayanda Olenini


Before joining us, Kayanda helped us stop a couple of lion hunts in his home area. He was inspired by our work through his good friend Roimen. Kayanda has that lion obsession typical of a very traditional warrior, which easily converts him from a lion killer to a lion protector. The latter bring even more challenge and pride. Kayanda was hurriedly singled out as a person with the right kind of devotion and stamina to guard Museum after we collared him. Initially this task of keeping Museum safe, and cattle safe from Museum was on constant high alert. Then, after a few months, Museum shifted from cattle to wild prey, and Kayanda’s duties relaxed a bit. Finding lions is his favourite task, and daily he hikes up and down Western Crater highlands in search of any signs of lions.

Lion Scout
Area: Ngorongoro ward