KopeLion Film project

Important film project

We plan to produce a film – ”Lions and the Maasai in Ngorongoro – New Pathways to Coexistence” – to more effectively target the pastoralist communities in Ngorongoro. The film will be made on site and in close cooperation with the Maasai and Datooga Communities. It will present the challenges and possible new pathways to more successful and accepted people-lion coexistence. Read more about our film project here.

To protect lions and livestock we need to reach all local communities in Ngorongoro Conservation Area. One effective way to communicate is showing film in villages where many people don´t read or write. The film will be made in cooperation with KopeLions team of former warriors – now Ilhokutis (Lion Guardians).

Background film
This is an introduction to the film project ”Lions and the Maasai in Ngorongoro – New Pathways to Coexistence”. It explains the need for an educational film targeting the Maasai community in Ngorongoro, Tanzania.