Lazaro Oletekero

Lazaro with his new Lundhag's back pack. Thank´s Lundhag´s!
Lazaro with his new Lundhag’s back pack. Thank´s Lundhag´s!

Lazaro, our Lion Scout of Misigiyo, that beautiful highland area on way to Endulen. If you are training for a marathon, join Lazaro on his searching treks for lions. Lazaro has collected some excellent shots of lions and other rarely spotted critters from camera traps placed on top of mountains or in deep valleys. And since we collared Museum, this “village-lion” keeps Lazaro busy on many days. Equipped with tracking antenna and Museum’s latest GPS position, Lazaro hikes out to the location and hangs around there for the day, warning any passing herders of the potential cow-thief hiding in the bushes.

Lion Scout
Area: Misigio ward