Nosikitok from Ndutu’s Masek pride and mother of NguvuKazi

MAS-8, aka Nosikitok, a female born April 2012 in Ndutu’s Masek pride to Marta. Being a female, she stays on in her natal pride. She successfully raised her first litter (including NguvuKazi), born shortly before her 3rd birthday – a relatively young age for a lioness. Then she and her aunt Maggie raised their two litters of 7 cubs successfully, despite high number of people and livestock in area, and numerous conflict incidents following the lions attack on livestock. In late 2017 the neighbouring and increasing pride Twin Hill made attempts to infringe on Masek’s territory, and many fights took place. Aunt Maggie disappeared during this time, leaving Nosikitok as the only adult female, together with her daughter and two nieces. In 2018 the pride had 7 cubs in three litters, but all succumbed to the harsh dry season. They had cubs again in 2019, with the same male coalition – but again struck bad luck as all cubs disappeared (infanticide?) as the Munge-coalition appeared on the scene.

For a time in 2019 the Munge males took over the pride and sired cubs with Nosikitok and her fellow females. However, with yet more males attracted into the Ndutu area there was increased competition and the cubs were lost. Vying for the females of the Ndutu area still continues, and things have not yet settled for the time being.

Nosikitok with cubs July 2018



Nosikitok September 2019