What We Do

KopeLion has worked in Ngorongoro since 2011 to ensure that lions survive and thrive alongside people, with a long-term goal to ensure that lion population recovery in northern Tanzania is a community choice and enterprise.

A viable model for coexisting needs to both increase the number of lions in the NCA and decrease their negative economic impacts on the local people. KopeLion considers it of key importance to focus on continuing to improve human-lion coexistence strategies in support of Tanzania’s recent National Human-Wildlife Conflict Strategy, which can continue to be implemented in the NCA and beyond. As change continues and threatens both people and lions, we need to ensure that our model for coexistence is informed, appropriate, maintainable, versatile and 100% inclusive.

Engaging with communities, government authorities and tourism businesses, we have 3 main activities: to reduce conflict, increase tolerance and safeguard and monitor lion populations.

Engaging with communities

Ilchokuti discussion tactics to help to reduce conflict in Ngorongoro