Meet the Lions

Get to know the lions of Ngorongoro!

  • We had our first observation of Kalamas in 2014 from tour-guides in the SW part of NCA - a distinct male with the patches of long dark hair on his lower belly

  • Lendepesi (TWH-32) was born in March 2020 to the Twin Hill pride in Ndutu. Possibly the son of Nadine.

  • Lopirr was born in June 2017 to the Crater Lakes pride, the son of either Noongoile or her aunt. He is in the company of two other males of a similar age.

  • Hjalmar the dreadful

    This is MG106 or Hjalmar the Dreadful, aptly named due to his large mane full of muddy dreads, born to the Munge pride in the crater, in 2010.

  • Nadine

    Nadine, a female born early 2012 in Ndutu’s Twin Hill pride to Nayomi. She and Nayomi made up the initially very small pride we named Twin Hill – assuming that these lions had their territory around the “Twin Hills”.

  • MG130, aka “Lemunge”, born July 2014 in Ngorongoro Crater’s Munge pride. Him and 4 of his brothers and cousins departed as nomadic males as 2-3-year olds – the Munge-Nomad coalition.